Responding to the Importance for Elderly Individuals of Spending Time Outside

Sometimes, families invite an elderly relative to live with them when that person is no longer able to live independently. If that man or woman loves the outdoors and will miss a beautiful yard and garden, the family might have some landscaping done at their home so the relative can enjoy spending comfortable time outside. A smart Pergola is one feature that will be much appreciated.

The Smart Device

This structure has louvers that can be opened and closed with a remote control. This allows people to continue being outside when the weather isn't entirely cooperative. For instance, they might like some shelter from hot sunshine or from light rain. The elderly man or woman who has to move away from a big backyard that was a favorite place now has a new environment to enjoy.

Mental Health Benefits

Being outside regularly has been confirmed to help alleviate mild to moderate depression in elderly individuals. Gerontology experts recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per day outdoors in natural light. Sunlight, even on a cloudy day, boosts serotonin levels, which improves a person's  mood. The person might want to have a cup of coffee outside in the morning or eat lunch on the deck or patio.

Creating More Shelter

The new home improvement feature helps in this regard because the person doesn't have to stay cooped up inside unless the weather is really problematic. The homeowners might like to have the structure anchored to the house over a deck or patio. That area can be fenced on one or two sides if wind tends to blow from those directions. The person will still have a view to the yard and be sheltered from rain even when it's windy. For heat on cold winter days, a pyramid heater might be used.

Scheduling the Project

When it comes to a Pergola Company Kansas City, residents want a reputable contractor. They'd probably like to get this project completed by the time warm spring days become prevalent. They'll spend an enjoyable spring, summer and fall doing additional landscaping and gardening that the original home improvement feature has inspired.